What a Shame

By Sara Maldonado

When I see you in the office, I turn 12 again. 

Fire rising up my cheeks. Turning bright red.


I grab you and hide you in my pocket

Hoping no one will see us together.

But then you fall and I pretend I’ve never seen you before.


You’re lying there. Helpless.


But you have me by a string. I can’t let go of you this week.

And why should I? Why should I have this shame to be with you?

Especially when I so clearly need you.


I take a deep breath and I pick you up.

After all, you’re just a tampon.

And if it’s unprofessional to have you here then can I get a paid monthly vacation?

Want to get rid of tampon shame at your office? Sign up for the Free the Tampons Movement at http://www.freethetampons.org/



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